our mission:

by protecting the weak, the hungry, the downtrodden, and defending those in need of aid from the cruel realities of society today. As St. Michael the Archangel has done, and continues to do, we are here to assist God's plan: to work with and comfort the wounded of body and mind in our armed forces, as well as feed, clothe, and spiritually nurture those in severe poverty.

View more about St. Michael's Iron Horse Charities and how their programs benefit disabled veterans, and how they are able to feed thousands of poverty-stricken families.



Supporting Veterans,
Feeding the Hungry

St. Michael's Iron Horse Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the central Alabama community with two charitable programs:  A Wildlife Retreat Program for disabled veterans and a Vegetable Donation Program for those living in severe poverty. Through these outreach projects, we help unite, sustain and empower the people of our community in mind, body and spirit.

Our charity is supported by donations (public and private), as well as seasonal fundraising events, and through the profits generated by Iron Horse Farms and Iron Horse Steel. All donations fund programming which goes towards helping disabled veterans, allowing them to acclimate back into society after giving their all in service to protect our country. We are thankful for the support and generosity of folks like you, who are willing to be our soldiers of peace, protection, and prosperity for the Good Lord's children of need.


wildlife retreats

Our Wildlife & Hunting Retreats support the healing process for veterans returning home to civilian life after having suffered physical and/or mental trauma. Our three-day program, offered free of charge, is an incredible opportunity for those who have served our country to participate in an experience that affords them safe refuge, healing and bonding time with other veterans. 

vegetable donations

Every year, Iron Horse Farms grows over 10,000+ pounds of fresh vegetables from their gardens, and that number continues to grow each year. In 2015, Iron Horse Farms donated 90% of the produce grown to St. Michael's Iron Horse Charities, who dispersed the produce to local organizations that feed thousands of people every day.


1 in 3 Returning Troops

are being diagnosed with PTSD

1 in 6 People

face hunger in America